Picked a watermelon baby. I named it Clyde. #watermelon #workspaces #farming #summertimeselfies

This post comes to us from our friends at The New York Academy of Medicine’s Center for History. They are located across Fifth Avenue from the Conservatory Garden, and find inspiration in our plantings for their Facebook and blog posts. Most recently they were inspired by our irises and wrote about the early American medical uses for this common native plant.

This week we’re enjoying irises in Central Park. Jacob Bigelow (1786-1879) included the native iris, Iris versicolor or Blue Flag, in his “American Medical Botany,” 1817-1820. Bigelow noted its use as a cathartic and diuretic. “American Medical Botany” was an early American botanical as well as an early instance of color printing in America. The plates were actually printed in color, rather than being colored by hand afterwards.

Thanks to NYAM for letting us republish these cool and informative posts! Be on the watch for more in the future!
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HP selfie for you guys tonight. Hello, I’m Ginny Weasley. 
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We learned how to play #stickball today!
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Word for the day: abide.
Abide in His control, His love, His power.
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Cows out on this MASSIVE farm
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Learning Cherokee
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Salad with roasted potatoes and asparagus, cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, cucumber, lettuce and a balsamic vinegar & lemon juice dressing
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Casey Keasler
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canadian tuxedo looking fly. 
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